Washington Classic Shadow Box & Flag Case

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I received the shadow box today! I was elated when I came home and it had arrived!
I was even more elated when I opened the container and found the beautiful shadow box inside. I am impressed. This is a tribute to (my husband) and his many years of dedicated service to the United States Navy. He  was very proud of his service and would be very honored that we are commemorating him with this shadow box. Your workmanship is an honor to many, I am sure, that have proudly served their country. Thank you so very, very much for this heirloom that will be passed down to our daughter and to our future generations

I am very impressed by your customer service!
Yes, you absolutely can use any of my words on your website. I would be more than happy to share my thoughts about your exceptional service and incredibly beautiful shadow boxes"

I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks. I received my flag  case  and it's beautiful. This one is large enough to hold my Dad's flag and all of his medals will fit in great. I am happy that I chose the engraving on the glass. "UNITED STATES AIR FORCE" never looked so beautiful. YOU made it very easy. You were very helpful and prompt. I will cherish this forever. My Dad is looking down proudly also, I am sure. Thank YOU!"

Our new flag case is great, beautiful! Thanks so much!"

We received the shadow box yesterday and were very pleased. Thank you."

I will definitely spread the word about what terrific products and services your company

I am very pleased with the shadow box!"

Just a note to let you know the flag shadow box arrive this morning in great shape. Thanks so much for your help. You did a great job for us! Appreciate it very much."

The shadow box is great, thanks so much!"

I returned home yesterday evening and found the package sitting on the breakfast table, I really appreciate the quick response. Once again, thanks for all your help, I will remember the great assistance which you provide and do my part to gladly endorse your services!"

It will be so nice to have the shadow box to hold the flag that will be displayed at his reception. I can't thank you enough for your help - you have made a mom very happy! Your company is lucky to have someone so helpful and efficient working for them!"

You've been great, thanks once again! Let me know if there is someone to whom I could write about the way you have been so helpful!"

Thank you for such prompt service. I've already referred others to your website. Very satisfied."

The retirement ceremony went off just great!
Again, thanks!"

Thank you so much. I brag on y'all all the time."

I received the package today. Thanks. It is just what I was looking for."








The Washington Classic Shadow Box & Flag Case for 3X5 flags

$199 With free shipping!
Gorgeous hand-crafted mahogany!

Crafted by hand with a meticulous attention to detail, the Washington Shadow Box & Flag Case features a unique design that's made all the more special by its hand-crafted construction from the finest mahogany!

  • Hand crafted with solid mahogany for beauty and durability.
  • Ecologically-friendly, sustainable- source grade-A mahogany from strictly-regulated plantations where our mahogany is re-grown every year.
  • Our premium mahogany is hand-selected for grain and color, where is is then treated to 15 percent moisture content in our special, technically-advanced kilns. This ensures permanent, even coloration, shape and lasting healthy condition of the mahogany. Our fine mahogany has a finish of premium, nitrocellulose based, quick-drying clear lacquer.
  • Your choice of background colors! One for each branch of the military: Black for Army; Blue for Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard; and red for Marine Corps.
  • Solid mahogany throughout. No laminates, veneers, or particle boards.
  • Displays a standard 3x5 ft. flag. (Available separately in our flag section.) Please note that a 3X5 flag is not a burial flag, which is 5X9.5. Please see out Lincoln Shadow Box & Flag Case for a similarly designed case made for the larger 5X9.5 flag /  burial flag.
  • Easy medal placement.
    The back of the display case is lined with felt for easy mounting of medals and memorabilia. You can use Velcro or double-sided adhesive foam discs commonly found in crafts stores. Be creative and display photographs and patches. You can choose from three official military colors for your felt background: blue, red and black. (Medals & flag shown in picture are not included and are shown for purposes of example.)
  • Crystal clear, shatter-proof Plexiglas panels that are 10 times stronger than glass yet 50 percent lighter.
  • Offers superior protection and conservation of your medals and flags. Plexiglas panels have ultraviolet protection that is 1.7 times more effective than glass.
  • Stylish curved base for stability and appeal.
  • Finished with a fine lacquer for protection of the mahogany and a lasting lustrous sheen.
  • Easy access through the rear of the shadow box for simple placement of your flag and medals.
  • Place it on a desk or shelf.
  • Dimensions: 22 in. wide, 16 in. high, 2 in. deep
  • Two velvet display areas, each 8 in. wide and 6 in. high
  • Plenty of space for your engraved plate at the base of the display case
  • Free shipping!
  • 100% happiness guarantee!
  • Includes free brass dedication plaque.

Washington shadow box
for 3X5 flags, Solid Mahogany 
-- with black felt (Army)
with free engraved plaque (ships separately free) & free shipping!

Washington shadow box
for 3X5 flags, Solid Mahogany 
-- with blue felt (Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard)
with free engraved plaque (ships separately free) & free shipping!

Washington shadow box
for 3X5 flags, Solid Mahogany
-- with red felt (Marine Corps)
with free engraved plaque (ships separately free) & free shipping!


The Washington Shadow Box features our finest solid mahogany, grown from sustainable resources, then finished with a special lustrous lacquer that makes for a brilliant sheen.



Brass Dedication Plaques -- Free!

Now your shadow box includes a free engraved dedication plaque! Engrave your plaque with the message of your choice to make your shadow box extra special today!

A special adhesive backing is included to allow you to affix the plaque in the location of your choosing.



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