Don't Forget the Flag Display Case!

We also offer many excellent shadow boxes and flag display cases! Each is made from the finest materials and built by expert craftspeople. For a limited time, also get an engraved, personalized, free message plaque! Click shadow box  for larger image.

Silver 20-foot in-ground Flagpole Includes a free flag!

Retailing elsewhere for $150, you'll save $50 on our
sturdy flagpole kit! This flagpole kit sells in the many thousands, and at such a great price, it's no surprise! This is the latest version of our kit, with increased wall thickness and many other improvements.

The sections join together to form a 22ft pole with a 2" diameter. The metal wall thickness is 16 gauge. The exposed height is 20 feet, with 2 feet cemented into the ground. A plastic sleeve is included so the pole can be removed. This kit is made non-domestically and is designed for easy installed at home without expert assistance!

This great flagpole kit includes:

22ft sectional pole, 2 inch diameter, 16 gauge (5 sections, each 57 inches) made of maintenance-free aluminum with gold ball top.
A free 3ft x 5ft printed US flag (upgrade to US-made sewn nylon with embroidered stars for just $12.00 -- a great deal! )

Rope and all the fittings you need.

Plastic ground sleeve

Complete, easy-to-follow instructions

20-foot silver flag pole kit with free printed 3X5 US flag

20-foot silver flag pole kit with flag upgrade to US-made sewn nylon  3X5 US flag


Indoor Flagpole Metal Eagle

A handsome golden metal eagle to perch proudly atop your flagpole! The eagle is 6" high, with a wingspan of 7.25". The flagpole eagle comes with a ferrule that fits your 1.25" flagpole.

Metal Golden Flagpole Eagle