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Jolly Roger 3X5 feet Superknit Polyester Pirate Flag

Jolly Roger 3X5 feet Superknit Polyester flag.
The classic pirate flag. The skull & crossbones of the Jolly Roger pirate flag instilled fear into the crews who fell victim to pirates like Sir Henry Morgan and Blackbeard. Always a classic favorite!

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3X5 Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Ed Low Pirate Flag

Edward Low, a former Boston ship rigger, was known to be an extremely cruel pirate. Even his own men described him as a maniac and brute. After being sent adrift by his own crew, he was rescued by a French ship who tried and hanged him soon after learning his identity.

3X5 Ed Low Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Blackbeard Pirate Flag

Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, is perhaps the most famous and frightening of all pirates. During battle he lit his guns from burning fuses tied into his beard. His favorite drink was rum laced with gunpowder, a deadly drink said to kill the devil himself.

3X5 Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Flag

Bartholomew Roberts, called  "Great Pirate Roberts" or "Black Bart,"  was a gentleman among scoundrels. He encouraged prayer, drank tea instead of alcohol, and forbid drinking and gambling. He preferred to wear fancy gentleman's clothes: a rich crimson waistcoat and breeches, a hat with a red feather, and a diamond cross hanging from a golden chain around his neck. However, despite his proclivity for finery, he was arguably the most successful pirate of his time. He roamed the seas in the early eighteenth century, traveling the coasts of North and South America. He captured of over 400 ships and over 50 million British Pounds of loot.

3X5 Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Black Bart's Personal Flag

Roberts created this flag himself. On it was his image holding a flaming sword in one hand, and dagger in the other. His feet rest on two human skulls. Under one skull we see the initials A.M.H. -- meaning "A Marinican’s Head," -- and and beneath the other, A.B.H. -- "A Barbadian Head." Roberts' legendary 30-month career came to an end on February 10, 1722 when he was killed at sea in a battle off the coast of Africa.

3X5 Bartholomew Roberts Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Brethren of the Coast Pirate Flag

3X5 Brethren of the Coast Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Henry Every Pirate Flag

Henry Every was one of the first pirates to operate in the Indian Ocean. He seized such spectacular treasure in the Red Sea in 1695 and word of his exploits made him a hero to every unemployed seaman and underpaid wretch in England and the colonies.

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Death's Head Pirate Flag

3X5 Death's Head Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Calico Jack Pirate Flag

John Rackham, also known as "Calico Jack" because of his preference for calico coats and britches, enjoyed the company of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, the world’s best known female pirates.

3X5 Calico Jack Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Christopher Moody Pirate Flag

ur most colorful pirate flag, this banner was flown by Christopher Moody. He pirated off the coast of North and South Carolina between 1713 and 1718. The hourglass with wings was rumored to symbolize that his victims remaining time of life was flying away.

3X5 Christopher Moody Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Thomas Tew Pirate Flag

Thomas Tew of Rhode Island was a licensed privateer, he was clearly a full-blooded pirate. Shortly after arriving in Bermuda in 1692, Tew purchased a share in the ship "Amity". He successfully plundered Arabian and Indian cargo ships in the Red Sea. He was killed in 1695 while boarding a ship owned by the Great Mogul of India.

3X5 Thomas Tew Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Blackbeard Lives Pirate Flag

3X5 Blackbeard Lives Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Big Skull Pirate Flag

3X5 Big Skull Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

Poison Pirate Flag

3X5 Poison Pirate Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

No Prisoners Pirate Flag

3X5 No Prisoners Flag $24.99 with free shipping!

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