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Fight Back Against Spammers

Hate spam? We do too.

Want to fight back? Here's how. First, tell your friends. If you have a website, link to us. Then:

Spam Vampires

Simply visit one of the sites below. As long as you're on the site, you're sucking massive bandwidth from numerous spammer websites. If you have a broadband connection (highly recommended), you can download gigabytes of bandwidth from a spam website in a short time. This hits them where it hurts: in the wallet. In fact, you'll be able to see the damage you're inflicting -- and even shut down spammer websites.  So visit daily and let it run in the background! 

How SpamVampite works.

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Stop Medic Suite (Health Suite), a massive illegal medication spammer.

Fight Against Fraudulent, Fake Bank Websites

Ever get emails trying to get you to enter your bank information into a website that looks like a real bank website? Let's shut them down.

The Lad Vampire is browser-based. Just visit, run in the background, and fight fraud. Even choose your bandwidth attack speed. Over 100 fake bank sites have been shut down so far with the Lad Vampire. Bookmark it.

The Mugu Marauder is a dedicated program for sucking bandwidth. No browser needed. Download it.

When you receive a phishing email, enter the url at PhishFighting.com. Endless fake data will be sent to the phishers. They won't know what's real and it will take them forever to figure out what's what. 

Tips on spotting scams and fake banking websites.

Spam the Spammers

SpamItBack is free software that spams those who spam you. Download it here.

Webmasters: Stop Harvesters

If you have a website, post this code anywhere on your site, or link to www.hostedscripts.com/scripts/
antispam.html. You'll send spammer email address harvesters in an endless loop, collecting countless bogus email addresses.

<A HREF=http://www.hostedscripts.com/
scripts/antispam.html> Fight Spam! Click Here! </A>


Our Privacy Policy:

No "Legalese" is required to state our policy on protecting your privacy:

We will never sell, rent, give out, or in any way disseminate your personal information to anyone. Ever. Period.

We respect the privacy of you, our customer. We want to keep you happy and would love for you to shop with us in the future. We will never subject you to the annoyance of unwanted solicitations.