The American flag is unlike any other object

We learned recently of Samuel Adams’ struggle to display his flag at his Colorado apartment complex. In the notice he received, references were made to regulations barring clutter, drying laundry, dead plants, garbage and gasoline.

We strenuously resist the comparison of an American flag any other ordinary mundane object. The American flag is both a collective symbol of our united nation. The American flag is also a symbol of unique meaning for every person, a unique expression of Patriotism, uniquely flown, uniquely experienced. Every American has a connection to the American flag, because it stands for each of us, both symbolically, collectively, and uniquely as individuals. We all have our own connections to the American flag. Many have died in defense of this Flag and what it stands for. And for all these reasons, and because the American flag occupies a singular and unique place in the hearts and minds of the American people, because it is a living breathing American monument which can be erected at any time by anyone in any place, we consider flying or displaying an American Flag to be an expression of Constitutionally-protected Free Speech