American Flags

Nylon American FlagOur new American flags feature solid brass grommets, sewn stripes, embroidered stars, and premium quality materials and workmanship. Whether cotton, nylon or polyester, our US flags also exceed Federal Government flag quality G-SPEC specifications, aka G-SPEC specifications. All of our gleaming new American flags present the symbol of our nation with dignity.

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American flags are among the world’s most recognizable symbols of freedom. American flags unify diverse Americans as one people, one nation. The US flag also represents countless lifetimes of sacrifice of the men and women of the United States Armed Forces, as well as Federal, State and Local Governmental service. We salute all those who serve our country with flags of premium quality. Our mission is to ensure that you can proudly display or fly the best gleaming new American flag – our collective symbol of America and the ideals of freedom and liberty.

How to Choose a New American Flag

  • If your American flag is faded or fraying or no longer presentable, it’s time for a new American flag.
  • Quality. All of our cotton, nylon, and polyester American flags exceed Federal government GSPEC standards for American flag quality and durability.
  • The right American flag material for the right job. As a general reference guide, we suggest: Polyester USA flags for flying outdoors
    Cotton American flags for presentation inside a flag case
    Nylon US flags for indoor display. Some may prefer nylon American flags because they are most shiny and light reflective.
  • Visual aesthetics. Choose cotton American Flags for a great natural traditional look, perfect for flag displays and flag cases. We recommend cotton USA flags for flag case presentations unless the recipient has another preference, or if you already have a flag to place inside the flag case.
  • Choose nylon American flags to fly your flag in the slightest breeze. Nylon US flags are the best flags for flying easily. Nylon flags can also be displayed in flag cases, giving a more modern, sleek, shiny appearance. Nylon US Flags may be more appealing to some children because they are more shiny and reflect light from different angles.
  • Polyester American Flags are the most rugged and durable. We recommend polyester American flags if your US Flag is to be flown regularly or flown in inclement weather. Polyester USA flags have an appearance and texture somewhat like cotton, but more durable.
  • We also feature USA flags with gold-fringe to create an impressive ceremonial displays indoors or for other special functions. United States Flags with gold fringe give an impressive air of official authority and ceremony. US Flags with gold fringe are often found



cotton American flag