Flag protection

Keep your flag looking great with 4 easy flag care tips for flag protection

Flags deserve to look their best at all times until the day they are retired. Following these flag protection tips will help your flag fly proudly with a long life.

1. Flag protection from exposure to storms, snow or abnormally high winds will lengthen your flag’s life. If your flag becomes wet, spread it out and let it dry completely. Never roll or fold your flag when it is wet or damp as this could damage the fabric.

2. Protect your flag fabric. Clean your flag regularly to keep the fabric looking new. You can hand-wash your flag with warm water and mild soap, then thoroughly rinse the flag and and spread the flag out to air dry. Do not let the flag stand in the wash water for extended periods of time or some color transfer may occur from the red stripes to the white stripes.

3. Flag protection during flight. Allow care in determining where to hang your flag. Flags should be protected from contacting tree limbs, buildings or cables. Flags can be torn if they hit an object while flying. Even a small tear could result in the flag becoming tattered. Inspect your flag for any small tears or signs of wear to prevent a small problem from becoming a big problem. If you notice a tear or wear at the end of the flag, trim and re-hem the end, and your flag will be ready to fly again.

4. To give your flag additional flag protection, you may choose to treat your flag with a fabric protection product like 303 Fabric Guard®, which waterproofs fabric and protects it from UV rays, mildew and soiling.