Wind Speed Map Live for My Area

What is the wind speed?

What is the wind speed right now? What is the wind speed at my location? Are the current weather conditions perfect for flying an American flag? Maybe even flying a kite? Check local wind speed today with our Wind Speed Map. Now you can see if winds are calm, windy, tempestuous, or a perfect breeze. Wind speeds are color coded by speed over any given area. Drag the map to see other areas. Drag the play slider to see future forecast wind speeds.

Here’s what the colors mean. Dark blue means calm conditions. Light blue means flags will begin to fly, starting with nylon flags. Green is perfect for flying all America flags. Yellow means caution is called for. Those who care about flag preservation may want to limit time flying their flag. Red mean dangerously fast wind. This is the time to take all flags down to preserve flag lifespan. Every flag has a lifespan. The more gentle the treatment, the longer the life. The life of a flag is shortened by flying extreme wind or weather.

In order to truly fly, every flag needs wind. Some kinds of flags need more wind than others in order to fly. Big flags need more wind. For flying a American flag outdoors, we recommend nylon American flags for flying in the slightest breeze. Nylon flags are also water resistant. Cotton flags can also fly outdoors but require higher wind speeds to fly and should be protected from rain and inclement weather. As cotton absorbs water, it becomes heavier, making flight more difficult. For flag flying in extreme weather conditions, we recommend polyester American flags for maximum durability.  For displaying an American flag indoors, we generally recommend cotton. Nylon also looks good. This is a matter of preference. Displaying an American flag in a small flag case, memorial flag case or military shadow box, we generally recommend our premium quality cotton American flags. However, if the recipient prefers a nylon American flag for its appearance, that wish should be honored.


US Flag flying in high wind speed
US Flag flying in high wind speed