Shadow Boxes

Our attractive shadow boxes are handmade by highly experienced craftsmen using the finest solid woods and time-honored techniques. Every shadow box is designed to uphold the tradition of honoring the dedication and service of veterans, military and government retirees,  police officers, firefighters, first responders, and all public servants.

When you order today, your shadow box will include free shipping within the continental United States. You’ll also receive a free engraved dedication plaque. Together this represents an almost $100 value, yours free. Plus when you order today, up to 50 trees will be planted in your and your recipient’s honor. These trees will be permanently protected and will contribute to enhancing the land, environment, and local communities.

Shadow boxes are the best way to present, preserve, display and protect cherished flags, medals, ribbons, awards, mementos, photographs and memorabilia.

Shadow boxes are used to display the flags of military veterans. A shadow box display cases is also appropriate for military and government retirements and flag presentations. A shadow box display is also fitting for presentation to police officers, law enforcement, EMS and first responders, as well as any governmental employee, whether federal, state or local. A shadow box display case is  also wonderful for scouts such as Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, and Eagle Scouts.

The difference between a shadow box and a flag case is that a flag case displays a flag only, while a shadow box displays medals, awards, ribbons, mementos, memorabilia, and photographs. It can even be used to display challenge coins. Most shadow boxes also display flags, making shadow boxes a wonderful all-in-one solution.

The tradition of shadow boxes dates back to the days 0f naval sailing ships. When a sailor departed a ship for the last time, legend held that the sailor should leave the ship before his shadow. It was considered bad luck for the shadow to touch the ground before the sailor. And so the sailor’s shipmates would construct a fine box filled with all manner of mementos and memorabilia commemorating and the sailor’s service and symbolizing his time aboard ship with his shipmates. The box would be made of the finest timbers, constructed by the ship’s carpenters with all of their best woodworking skills. Once filled with all of the sailor’s mementos, this box would symbolically contain, represent, and protect the sailor’s “shadow.” The box containing the sailor’s shadow would would be kept aboard the ship until the sailor had safely disembarked. The box, with all its mementos, lovingly constructed and assembled by the sailor’s shipmates, would then be ceremoniously presented to the sailor. This is how the legend of the shadow box became an ongoing tradition still followed to this day. This is how shadow boxes honor sailors, soldiers, and officers and to celebrate and honor their achievements and service to our nation.

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