Memorial Flags • Free Shipping!

Our memorial flags are made of the finest materials with the finest craftsmanship. These flags can also be referred to as a funeral flag, burial flag, casket flag, retirement flag, or a 5X9.5 American flag. To display a your memorial flag, select a memorial flag case or a memorial shadow box. We offer many USA made American flags. All of our flags are of the highest quality and meet or surpass the highest Government known as G-SPEC standards of quality. Order today and get free shipping within the continental United States!

Each US flag features rich, vibrant colors and premium quality materials. Every memorial United States flag includes gleaming solid brass grommets, sewn stripes, and embroidered stars. Extra lock-stitching provides durability & strength. Featuring brand name flags made in USA.  Flags are available in a variety of the finest materials, including high quality cotton, nylon and polyester. Cotton flags are recommended for a classic look, and look great indoors and displayed in a flag case or shadow box. Nylon flags are shiny, light weight, and good for flying. Polyester is the most rugged material and good for flying flags in more challenging weather.

Memorial 5X9.5 flags are the traditional flags used for military funeral and burial ceremonies. These American flags symbolize the gratitude of our nation for the dedicated service the honoree has given to our country. They can be draped over a casket, or placed alongside an urn. During a military flag presentation ceremony, the flag is folded and presented to the family or those closest to the honoree. These flags are also presented during government and military retirements. Every memorial flag, funeral flag, burial flag, casket flag, retirement flag, or 5X9.5 American flag surpasses Federal Government quality specifications. In order to protect your flag in a dignified manner, it is recommended to display your memorial flag within a quality solid wood flag case or shadow box. Such a flag display will provide an attractive means to preserve and safeguard while simultaneously showcasing your most valuable and cherished American flag.

Memorial Flag folding ceremony