Easy Fold Flag Folding Technique


  • The easy way to fold a flag (hence, the name)
  • Allows you to fit a smaller flag into a case designed for a larger flag
  • Perfect your star pattern (or star and stripe combination) displayed just how you want it
  • Easily fold (or refold) a flag with just one person without help
  • Make it easier to fit an uncooperative flag into a flag case

This easy flag folding technique, which we call Easy Fold, also called a false-fold technique, has many benefits. It enables you to fold a smaller flag in such a way as to fit into a case designed for a larger flag. For example, if you already own a 3X5 flag but like the design of a 5X9.5 flag case, now you can fold the 3X5 flag using this technique in order to display it in the 5X9.5 flag case. (But keep in mind that a larger flag will never be able to fit into a case designed for a smaller flag.) This technique also allows you to easily fold a flag in such a way as to create a perfect star pattern. It can also be easier to fold a flag using this technique than the traditional flag folding technique, especially if you are folding the flag alone.

Easy Fold Flag Star Patterns:
An Easy Folded 3ft x 5ft flag placed in a 3X5 flag case will show six (6) stars.
A 3ft x 5ft flag, when Easy Folded and placed in the large 5X9.5 flag case, will show eighteen (18) stars.
The 4ft x 6ft flag, when Easy Folded and placed in a 5X9.5 flag case, will show approximately 10 stars.
The 5ft x 8ft and the 5ft x 9-1/2 ft flags when Easy Folded will show six (6) stars.
You can of course modify this pattern as desired if you wish to show some stripes

(1)  Cut out a cardboard triangle approximately 1/8th  inch smaller than the inside cavity of the flag case.
(2)  Slide the triangle under the flag to the center of the star pattern.  Align the tip of the triangle approximately ¾ inch above the top point of a star.
(3)   Align the bottom of the triangle matte board to be level with the stars on the bottom row.
(4)  Turn the flag with the matte board over and place it in the cavity of the flag case.  Fold the remainder of the flag into the flag rear cavity of the case. Replace the back of the case. You’re finished!